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Successful Strategy Implementation


There's nothing more frustrating and demoralizing than spending several days in an off-site strategic planning session only to create a document that never gets looked at nor referenced again.

It's important to understand why this may happen.

It's not that the plan was "bad"; it's that the environment around the plan — the processes, culture, and communication — all intended to keep the plan "alive" and top of mind weren't properly put into place.



That's where our Implementation Experts enter the equation.

We'll work with your leadership team to keep you accountable, develop your leaders within your plan, and help to transform your organization. In addition to meeting regularly to discuss actions and goal progress, your team will have conversations about the Six Critical Capacities for successful strategy implementation. 

This process will elevate your management to a new level of effectiveness and collaboration — that will last for years to come. 

Ultimately, by engaging SME Strategy's professional Strategy Implementation Services, your organization will efficiently put its plan into action and realize its goals.



Strategy Implementation Packages

Once your team is Aligned around One Destination, we can support your strategy implementation through coaching, training, and a accountability.






Develop your organization's ability to foster a positive culture and lead a transformational change. Best for medium-sized organizations with 200-350 employees.





Deepen your leadership's capacities for tracking, monitoring, and communicating the strategic plan progress and lay the groundwork for future transformational change. Best suited for medium-sized organizations with 50-200 employees.





Build a foundation for your leadership's capacities for tracking, monitoring, and communicating the strategic plan progress. Best for small organizations with 20-50 employees.


Strategy Implementation Packages

Key Features
Monthly team calls
Stakeholder engagement sessions
Quarterly strategy reviews
30 hours of as needed consulting and implementation support
Monthly coaching sessions with 4 strategic plan leads
4 leadership training workshops
10 hours per month of leadership team coaching.
10+ Leadership training workshops
40 hours of as needed consulting and implementation support


Asked Questions

How long does a program last

12 months.

What if I have a strategic plan already?

Unfortunately, we won't support the implementation of a strategic plan we didn't create. 

Your team will have to go through our Alignment Program


How much time does it take per month?

Our packages range from 2-4 hours per month depending on how many team workshops you select. (Not including coaching) 

Do you offer stakeholder engagement as a part of the implementation?

Yes, we do. You get two stakeholder engagement sessions included in every package, and you can also use your discretionary time for additional stakeholder engagement. 


What are the workshop topics?

Package Name

Workshop Modules

Advanced Implementation 


  1. Goal Setting/Reviewing & Action Planning Best Practices
  2. Team Communication & Interdependencies
  3. Monitoring, Tracking & Reporting
  4. Leading and Cascading the Strategy, Goals and Actions

Transformation only

  1. Fostering the culture you want through values and behaviours
  2. Stakeholder Engagement & Management (Mapping, process & best practices)
  3. Change Management Best Practices 
  4. Fostering continued alignment and communication (Up, down, across)
  5. Project Management “101”
  6. Best Practices for Leading Meetings

Transformation only

  1. Optional: Risk Management & Scenario Planning
  2. Optional: Prioritization Philosophy & Best Practices
  3. Optional: Team Building Processes & Best Practices
  4. Additional & custom workshops are available upon request, with some limitations
Do you have implementation programs for non-profits?

Yes, we do. We have a quarterly check-in option for $7000 for the year. Contact us for more information.

Can you coach our entire leadership team?

Yes, we can discuss how you'd like to use your 30/40 hours of support. 

What if my team has never done strategic planning before?


Whether you are a seasoned veteran of strategic planning or this is the first time reflecting on your mission and core values, our process will make sure everyone on your team participates and gets the learning outcomes and deliverables from the strategic planning process. 

Do we need to do the Alignment Program before we do implementation?

Yes. We don't take on any implementation or transformation clients without first making sure they have a clear One Destination. 


How do I get started?

Fill out the form below to schedule a no-obligation introduction call.

We'll learn more about you and your needs, and we'll let you know if we think we're a great fit to support your team alignment and strategic plan implementation. 

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